Moving abroad with your partner: Starter Pack

A bit of sweetness, but also bitterness, love and hate. What my boyfriend would call bipolar and borderline personality is actually the thrill needed to set up a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Well, after 4 years of vacillating love, two permanent jobs and a paycheck at the end of each month we had decided that the next step would be to move abroad to get rid of all the dead weights and start over.

Completely blinded by the initial buzz, we underestimated how easily a young couple could be crushed under the pressure of cultural difference, and even more by facing a totally new experience: living together.

Goodbye lovely parents, dishwasher, bills I have never had to pay.
The time has come to roll up your sleeves, and not give up.
There are several factors that could lead to a break (in addition to the ones above). Some of the signs show up from the beginning after leaving behind your beloved comfort-zone.
Your partner becomes your rock, the one helping you to face a new challenge, but also the victim of your mood swings.
Different routines and lifestyles cause arguments that, if they occur with more frequency, can mean the end for the couple.

From my experience, here are some of the questions to ask in order to test if your relationship is destined to last:

– Did you both find a job you are passionate about?
– Are the daily chores being assigned equally?
– Do you take some time for yourself as an individual?
– Is your partner wearing slippers to go to the bathroom?

If most of the answers are YES, then you are good to go!

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