Why moving to Oxford?

You have decided to change your job, practise that rusty foreign language you have only studied in books, and live abroad for a while, but not too far from your ‘base’. After some online research, you think that Oxford may suit you. Are you sure? Here is my experience.

Why Oxford exactly? 🕵️‍♀️

An English-speaking location with mild weather that does not force me to fly for more than a couple of hours, not London – of course – that’s such a cliché.
My mental geography gave more a few options so I asked someone more experienced than me: Google.
When you are desperate and searching for a ready-made solution, accurate online research is always a good start, except when you’re in pain. Trust me, don’t google your symptoms.

The articles I found (dated and old-fashioned) didn’t reflect what I was looking for, but they still helped me to narrow down my search, and understand if England might be for me.
What was missing was the exact place that I wanted to head for.
I typed ‘where to live in the UK’ and Oxford was there, among the most recommended cities, apparently for its beauty.

Sure enough, Oxford is known as the ‘City of dreaming spires‘ and indeed it is. In every corner of the city, there’s a spire – of a church or most likely of one of the colleges that can be found around the city – appearing on the horizon.
The mild weather – that’s what was said on the internet – and Harry Potter ended up to be two excellent reasons for me to leave.

I know, you are still focused on the mild weather, and I know what you are thinking, it cannot be in England.
But, since I’ve been here, the sun often makes its appearance (coincidence?) and the days can be bright until evening – in Summer. ☀️

Oxford is a dreaming city for real with the flaw of being as expensive as the capital. So, think carefully before moving out. Otherwise, you will end up finding accommodation under the bridge of sighs.

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