My 5 Smart Working tips in the time of Covid-19


We weren’t ready for this. I don’t mean to face the black plague in 2019/2020, what I meant is smart working.
I know, it sounds crazy considering the digital era we live in, but still, I saw many companies delaying the authorization for their employees to work from home, putting their health at higher risk, as they were not prepared. They basically didn’t know how to organise it.

We can find our pen friends from secondary school, love or whatever, attend cooking classes, and even graduate online, but it seems we are not allowed to use technology to do one simply thing that, in a normal scenario, would probably help people to lighten their life too: working from home.

Also, in many countries working from home is not a benefit and not even considered as such. It’s the future. And I can tell this for sure because in my home country, Italy – specifically near Milan – working from home is kind of futuristic.
Questions like: should I trust my workers? Will they remain focused and motivated from home? How can I control them and make sure they will remain on top of things? How can I micromanage remotely? seems to be the main point for the majority of the employers here in the UK too though.

I will write about the actual problems: micromanagement and lack of trust in another article. Right here I would like you to swipe the gallery below, and tell me what you think about My Smart Working tips in the time of Covid-19 – PRO & ESSENTIAL TIPS.

I hope this helps in case you are newbie to this like I was. 👧🏻

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