3 Peculiar and Positive Facts happening in lockdown

There was a moment at the beginning of this global lockdown I was reading the news, and I feel I was in a movie. I was hearing of people across the world being short of toilet rolls, flours, and going crazy over yeast pots.
I happened to see reports from my home region in Italy being hit by the coronavirus so badly, that I felt lucky to be still able to walk freely around an unexpected sunny Oxford. Although the situation here hadn’t been described as one of the most critical in the UK, I was just assisting to what will have happened next here too.

Many newspapers across the world have spent a valuable time on studying what’s happened, where, and how.
I want to highlight 3 peculiar and positive facts that has been happening since the lockdown began in the UK.

Many newspapers across the world have spent valuable time studying what’s happened, where, and how. 
I want to highlight 3 peculiar and positive facts that have been happening since the lockdown began in the UK.


Since the lockdown began, the sun has exploded over our heads. This spring is certainly one of the hottest I’ve experienced since my arrival in the UK, three years ago. It was at the end of a May made out of scattered showers and chilly temperatures, still.
As soon as the restrictions started, so the temperature rose. The daily maximum UK temperature for April so far is 3.1C above average, with records set in Cornwall, Dyfed and Gwynedd. According to an article by The Guardian, this year has high chances to be one of the hottest breaking the record set four years ago!


It needed a pandemic to find out what for me was clear since day 1: bread is a powerful connection across different cultures. We all love (sour)dough, even more, when we can make it ourselves.
If the flour doesn’t run in your veins or if you don’t recall anyone in your family wisely baking in your childhood, you’ll certainly remember Bake Off TV show in all its versions all over the world.
It seems that kneading dough and bake like crazy is a good practice against anxiety, though. It gives people a great sense of achievement occupying most part of the day, especially for those people being unemployed. And the results are guaranteed, most of the time.


Many countries all over the globe are being displayed their teddies or stuffed and cuddly toys, in their window making the daily walk in the street less lonely. This teddy bear hunt new trend is thought to be inspired by the children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by UK author Michael Rosen.
A simple gesture that has turned out to be a nice game aims to keep children entertained while walking or driving with their parents around their neighbourhood. But I can tell this is not for kids only.
Despite the street being pretty much empty for most of the day, and people social distancing, this is such a relief that keeps us focused on something other than the pandemic, and makes us feel part of the community.

🌈Thanks for reading PPF, I hope you liked it! Please, share some positive facts during these dark times.

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