The art of complaining: an etiquette for serial complainers

As a result of my strong experience in facing customers in all the possible situations, I realised there was no etiquette for serial complainers. We inevitably think from a business perspective first: how to handle complaints based on the fact customers are always right. But are we, really?

I have to admit I’m part of the fussy people who like complaining. Even before my job at Tripadvisor, I used to rate and review everything. When I flew back home I used to rate my parents’ cooking and shared my strict judgements based on my taste and mood.

The majority of the people I hang out with, have told me they don’t like complaining or leaving negative feedback to avoid ruining a brand reputation, and I totally agree. I don’t like criticizing randomly, I just want to tell the truth, but sometimes it’s my truth, only.
To prove that people should keep go ahead and complain, I’d like to improve the
complaint experience, and give some advice on how to express our position at best – rather than blaming the poor people on the other side that are being paid to listen to our groans.

As a self-declared expert in communication and complaint experience, I’d like to share an etiquette for serial complainers, just like me. Ideally, to avoid waste of time, and put a stop to our rage, also.↙️

πŸ‘ΉRespect the 5W rule.

The 5W rule is the basic cornerstone if you want to write, and complain. Remember to specify Who, Where, Why, How, and When.
The clearer the situation, the sooner the resolution.

🀬 Don’t write in CAPITAL

Even though you are being frustrated, writing in capital wouldn’t resolve your problem faster. We all know that writing in capital would let people assume you are “virtually” yelling at them while typing in front of your computer. And this simply doesn’t make any sense. Does it?

😑 Don’t pretend to be a lawyer

If I had a penny for every time I spoke to a lawyer, I would be checking my billions in my bank account.

😠 Stop threatening

Do I really have to explain this one?

😢 Give up at some point

I have to admit that most of the things we complain about are because we don’t read or misread or don’t take all the necessary precautions before doing something. In a nutshell: we are wrong, most of the time.

Complaining can be fun, but does it really worthy?

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