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Vivere all’estero ha i suoi vantaggi. Scopri quali. 1) L’ACQUA GRATIS Faccio parte della categoria che beve giusto un sorso al giorno, ancora meno durante i pasti. 🤦🏻 Quando uscivo a cena in Italia, e mi si palesava il cameriere al tavolo per prendere le ordinazioni, mi sentivo a disagio a non chiederla. L’acqua nei […]

Why moving to Oxford?

You have decided to change your job, practise that rusty foreign language you have only studied in books, and live abroad for a while, but not too far from your ‘base’. After some online research, you think that Oxford may suit you. Are you sure? Here is my experience. Why Oxford exactly? 🕵️‍♀️ An English-speaking […]

Moving abroad with your partner: Starter Pack

A bit of sweetness, but also bitterness, love and hate. What my boyfriend would call bipolar and borderline personality is actually the thrill needed to set up a strong and long-lasting relationship. Well, after 4 years of vacillating love, two permanent jobs and a paycheck at the end of each month we had decided that […]

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