What companies in tourism are doing to relaunch their business

It’s not hard to believe that the pandemic situation is particularly hard for countries relying on tourism, especially for many in Europe such as Spain, Greece, France, and my beloved Italy. As shown in a recent Tripadvisor research, I’m part of that 53% of travellers enthusiasts that have recently planned — and booked — their next holiday. Even though, the […]

The art of complaining: an etiquette for serial complainers

As a result of my strong experience in facing customers in all the possible situations, I realised there was no etiquette for serial complainers. We inevitably think from a business perspective first: how to handle complaints based on the fact customers are always right. But are we, really? I have to admit I’m part of the fussy people who like complaining. Even before my job at Tripadvisor, I used to rate and review everything. When I flew back home I used to rate my parents’ cooking and shared my strict judgements based on my taste and mood. The majority of the people I hang out with, have told me they don’t like complaining or leaving negative feedback to avoid ruining a […]

How to convert your business during the pandemic

By working within the travel industry, I do know how badly many companies have been affected by the pandemic. I actually spend most of my day to listen to entrepreneurs repeating this is not the right time to invest in their business. While I try to understand both suppliers and clients’ concerns, I noticed how many others out there are succeeding by taking the darkest hour as a new beginning and pivoting their static business into an online opportunity. There isn’t a perfect time to start getting things done and move forward. It’d be great if we could only stay still, quiet and silent until the […]